How far East are you?

The age-old question… what am I doing here? We have all asked it before, and some have found answers… so I’ll ask the rest of us still on the journey, why were you put on this earth? What was it that God had in mind while dreaming you up and creating you? Are you created to be a teacher, a preacher, an entrepreneur, a mother, a mentor, maybe a life-long student (queue quotes from Tommy Boy). What is your passion, what wakes you up in the morning and gets you racing out the door excited to “carpe diem”? Does this describe your mornings, if the answer is no… was there ever a time this could have described you?

Of course the flip-side is also true… how far away are you from that created purpose? If God created you to be a/an _______, how far away are you from becoming all that God designed you to be? Of course we are ALL less than God ultimately created us to live because of sin (The Greek and Hebrew both imply, to miss the mark, to go astray). Because of our inability to live IN the mark (created purpose), we will always be less than what God desires, but some of us are further than others. And some of us, well, we are just plain LOST. We have no idea how to get back to that place where God wants us to be, and we desperately want to find our way out of this lostness; but where do we start… have you spent so much time away from the “mark” that you lost all sight of it, would you even recognize the mark if you saw it again, would you know what being close to the mark actually feels like?

If you find yourself LOST, or so far away from this mark that you think it’s not worth finding, let me let you in on a little secret. While we were all LOST and very far from the mark, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8) It’s not the distance from the mark that defines you, it’s who Christ says you are, and if your willing to lean on his grace and mercy, you just might find yourself getting closer to that mark, and not feeling so LOST; you might even find yourself pumped about what it is that God created you to be once again!

Grace and Peace


8 thoughts on “How far East are you?

  1. Good stuff… Andy Stanley has a great message on this topic called, “On your mark”. Through the story of Joshua he challenges us to leave a mark on society… not just any mark, but God’s mark. When we do that, we know that we are exactly where God wants us to be.

    “Living to make my mark is too small a thing to give my life to… Making His mark is a different story”. Andy Stanley

    1. Eric,

      Good to see you bro… I have not heard this message yet, but Andy Stanley has got wisdom galore! I love how he seems to be asking people to turn away from themselves and what they want “out of life”, while asking people to line up with what God has is mind instead!


  2. So its not really about where you are so much as where you are headed, towards God or away from him. Heading towards God means repentance and realization that He is Lord and heading away from him means we continue to worship the idols in our lives, e.g. money, status, family, influence, shopping, sex, etc.

    1. I would agree 100%… weather you like the “east” metaphor or not, I think it’s clear man-kind has been moving AWAY from God from the beginning, and the struggle has always been to go against the grain of human nature, and move toward Christ. This movement toward God is actually made possible in Jesus… but often people see God as a destination that is reached when they “get saved” and stop the movement, which I would argue means they are moving further away even if that movement is unintentional! Recently The Apostle John’s Mantra has been on my mind… “He must increase, BUT I must decrease” (John 3:30) I have found a lot of peace praying this prayer recently, believing that it is moving me toward Christ and closer to the mark of created purpose.


  3. I heard a quote that “nothing in nature is coasting, it is either in the process of growing or dying”. I think the same can be said for relationships. (with people or God). It’s heading in one direction or the other. This blog goes hand in hand with the success blog. It’s said that success is a journey. So the question of whether you are succuessful or not is determined by, not how close you are to the mark, but whether you are moving toward it or away from it.
    Good post Tony!!

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